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Snow and Ice Travel Training November 2, 2019

Snow and Ice Travel Training November 2, 2019
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2333 Scout Way
Los Angeles, CA 90026, US
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Snow and Ice Travel Training  

November 2, 2019  8 am-6 pm; Seminar Date


2333 Scout Way, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Enjoy the challenge of high-mountain travel with confidence in your safety and knowledge of snow and ice travel techniques. Sharpening your judgment and learning the skills needed for safe and effective practices for snow slope travel will allow you to expand the places that your Unit can visit in the winter outdoors.
  • Seminar: Saturday 3 November 2019
  • Weekend Outing: Saturday in January 2019
TIME: Immediately following the Winter Camping and Travel seminar
  • Seminar: Cushman-Watt Service Center, 2333 Scout Way, Los Angeles
  • Weekend Outing: Mt. Baldy Area
COST: $5.00  An Adventure Pass will be needed for your vehicle
REGISTRATION: You will be sent a confirmation, or a notice of cancellation if there are fewer than 5 sign-ups by that date. For help with registration contact Danette at the Smiser Scout Service Center, (626)351-8815 X241 or e-mail: danette.verdugo@scouting.org
  • Paper and pencil, and lunch for seminar.
  • Each Scouter is responsible for obtaining the clothing, equipment, and food for the weekend trip including Crampons and an Ice Axe for the weekend outing.
OVERVIEW: This High Adventure training is an optional follow-on to Winter Camping and Travel.  The special equipment for snow and ice travel will be displayed and the requirements for, and location of, the field training will be discussed. A syllabus that covers the materials discussed will be given to each participant.
  • Completion of Adult Leader Backpack Training. Winter Camping and Travel (which may be taken the same day)
  • Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A, B, and C).
QUESTIONS: Stephen Dodson, Course Director, at c: (818) 967-1323; e-mail: sedodson1@roadrunner.com
Hike Aid 3, “Full Dimension High Adventure Training”, has a complete discussion of the training programs of the GLAAC-HAT. It may be downloaded from the Council High Adventure website at http://glaachat.org/HikeAids.html. Questions about any of them are to be directed to Michael Schlaifer; Vice Chair-Training: (213)247-8808 (C); e-mail, michael@schlaifer.com.

Michael Schlaifer; Vice Chair Training: (213)247-8808 (C); e-mail, michael@schlaifer.com

Questions about this training should be directed to

Steve Dodson Cell: (818) 967-1323 email: sedodson1@roadrunner.com

Contact E-mail
$5.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
CANCELLATION POLICY AS OF APRIL 4, 2017: Up until 30 days prior to camp/event: *cancellation fee of 25% of total reservation cost for each spot dropped *after that, no refunds will be provided *balance in full due