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Valle del Sol Roundtable Packets

Valle del Sol Roundtable Packets
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Valle del Sol Roundtable Packets

Each month bundles of new information and updates are handed out at the monthly District Roundtable. In an effort to conserve paper on 25-30 printed copies are produced. However, an online scan for each month is available below. New Roundtable Packets will be uploaded sometime during the week after Roundtable.

December 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet

November 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet

NewDistrict_LB_VDS_FALL2018 Presentation.pdf

October 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet

2018 Re-Charter PowerPoint

National Internet Rechartering - PowerPoint Presentation- updated October 12 2017.pdf

September 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet.pdf

August 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet

No July Roundtable Packet

June 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet

May 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet.pdf

April 2018 Roundtable Packet.pdf

Mar. 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet.pdf

Feb 2018 VDS Roundtable Packet.pdf

Jan 2018 Roundtable Packet.pdf