Fast Start Training

Fast Start training provides an immediate comfort level for new leaders, enabling them to say with confidence, "I can do this!" Fast Start training is the first step for any new volunteer and should be initiated immediately and preferably before a new leader meets with any youth members. There are separate Fast Start programs for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing.

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start

Cub Scout Fast Start is a package of position-specific programs that can be presented on video, by a pack or district trainer, or online. Each program gives leaders information on planning and conducting their first meetings. The video and online segments take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

How to complete Cub Scout Fast Start training:

Boy Scout Fast Start

Boy Scout Fast Start training takes about an hour to complete and includes the following:

  • The Troop Meeting

    This is the primer on how to run a troop meeting. Produced for new leaders and commissioners, it covers planning, meeting parts, the patrol method and various leader resources.

  • The Outdoor Program

    Running troop meetings is one thing. Running a successful outdoor activity is another. This program explores planning, organization, ideals and the B.S.A. policy for outdoor activities. It also touches on long-term and high-adventure activities.

  • The Troop Organization

    This program starts with the charter concept - the chartered organization, the district and the council and their relationships to the troop. Each leadership and committee position is described. This is an excellent program for commissioners, troop committees, troop leaders and chartered organizations.
How to complete Boy Scout Fast Start training:

Venturing Fast Start

Venturing Fast Start training illustrates how using the program planning process gets Venturing programs off to a successful start. It provides information about training youth officers and are used to orient new Crew Advisors.
How to complete Venturing Fast Start training:

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