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2014 Friends of Camp Campaign

2014 Friends of Camp Campaign
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San Gabriel Valley Council

2014 Friends of Camp

Building a bright future for tomorrow depends upon caring for our youth today.  The San Gabriel Valley Council is dedicated to provide life-enriching experiences to all youth and families, even those that cannot afford the magic of camp.  Every year our office is flooded with requests for financial assistance and it is our goal to turn no one away. We employ over 130 camp staff that deliver program that is second to none. Our camp staff is the corner stone to making our camps such a success. Experiences that many of our youth partake in, may be in their eyes a once in a life time opportunity, include mountain biking, sailing in the ocean, horseback riding, world class snorkeling, and the list goes on and on. However, there are many more critical items that make our camps run. There comes a time when we need to upgrade or replace equipment that we use for our program activities.  That time is now. We need your support to help fulfill these “once in a lifetime opportunities”. Would you consider a contribution to help support the purchasing of program equipment for our camps? If you would like to help with this effort, we would like to provide limited edition patches for your gift at the minimal level or more.

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