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B.S.A. CLIMBING LEVEL II - 2018 Registration

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  APRIL 21 8 AM-5:30 PM - APRIL 22 8 AM- 3:30 PM



Who should attend: Persons interested in being “climbing” Merit Badge Counselors, Camp Staff and all Scouters that want to teach scouts how to climb and rappel at the Unit, District or Council level. All persons interested must be mature, capable of instructing, safety conscious, able to exercise good judgment, be dependable, relate well to youth and adults, and be familiar in the techniques of climbing, rappelling, belaying, and spotting. Scouters who work with troops and teach climbing are required to be “Qualified Instructors” prior to teaching any climbing/rappelling activities.
This course is very intense and will work into the late hours of the night. We will cover B.S.A. current National Policies associated with all climbing/rappelling activities, at the Unit, Council and District levels, as outlined in the pamphlet entitled "Climb on Safely," and the National Camp Accreditation Program.
Prerequisites for participation in course:
- Current registration with Boy Scouts of America
- 21 years old
- Current Level I Climbing Instructor
- Current successful completion of B.S.A.’s “Youth Protection Guidelines” training
- Current B.S.A. Annual Health and Medical Record
- Completed the online Climb on Safely Training
- B.S.A. Level II Climbing Instructor Qualification Certification is good for three years upon successful completion of this class
- Course size: is limited to 6-12 students. Preregistration requested
- Duration: One weekend of classroom and practical instruction on natural rock
- Fee: $20.00 per person (classroom material) waived if taken in conjunction with Level I class
- Textbook: B.S.A. publication entitled "Belay On"
- Schedule/Location: Lecture, Saturday, April 21, 2018, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm at Cushman-Watts Service Center. Field Outing Sunday, April 22, 2018, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm at Stoney Point
- Contacts: To register for the class, contact: The L.A.A.C. Camping Dept. at (213) 413-4400, ext. 344. For more
information, contact: Dale Whitten at agr8driver@aol.com
Gear – Each participant must provide themselves a:
- Harness
- Helmet
- An ATC belaying device
- Three or four locking-gate carabineers
- One 24” and one 48” pre-sewn runner or one 24” pre-sewn runner and a commercially made leash (personal
- Two pieces of 5-6mm accessory cord, one piece 72” long and the other 96” long.
- Climbing shoes (optional)
- All other gear will be provided by the Directors (ropes, anchors, carabineers, etc.) All personal gear will be
inspected prior to use. Please Bring to the Lecture Class.
Help keep climbing/rappelling as part of Scouting’s activities by becoming a certified BSA Climbing Instructor for your Unit, District, or Council.
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$20.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
CANCELLATION POLICY AS OF APRIL 4, 2017: Up until 30 days prior to camp/event: *cancellation fee of 25% of total reservation cost for each spot dropped *after that, no refunds will be provided *balance in full due