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Lead Scout - Backpack Training 2020
MARCH 7, 2020  8 AM-4 PM
  • acquaint Scouts, Venturers and their adult leaders, with a basic understanding of how to plan and conduct a backpacking trip.
  • give them information that they can use to teach other Scouts and Venturers safe and effective outdoor outings.
  • stimulate their participation and leadership in a High Adventure Program.
  • Saturday 7 March 2020 (bring sack lunch)
  • Weekend trip in local mountains 14 and 15 March 2020 led by the GLAAC-HAT TIME: 8:00 a.m. to about 4:00 p.m.
  • Seminar: Cushman-Watt Service Center, Los Angeles
  • Weekend Outing: to be announced.
$15.00 per Scout, Venturer or Adult
Online registration with check, paypal or credit card
  • Paper and pencil, and lunch for seminar.
  • Each Scout and Venturer is responsible for obtaining the clothing, equipment, and food for the weekend trip.
This High Adventure training is designed to be taken together as an adult leader (Scouter) and the Scout leaders in a troop/crew.
It will cover:
• Basic backpacking skills
• equipment and clothing
• food and cooking
• mountain navigation and travel
• outdoor courtesy, planning and preparation
• risk and safety
• weather and climate
An Adult Leader who has completed the class room session of Adult Leader Backpack Training is required to participate in class room and field outing. Scouts and Venturers must be 14 years old and have attained the rank of First Class or the Venturer equivalent. The Adult leader will be responsible for their own and their Scout’s Annual Health and Medical Record (parts A, B, and C). These requirements will be verified by the Hike Leader before the Adult and Scouts or Venturers are allowed to participate on the overnight trip
An adult and five Scouts or Venturers per Unit is permitted.
Craig Triance, Course Director, at (714) 474-1652; e-mail, craigtriance@yahoo.com
Camping and hiking are fun. Developing the skills and learning safe and courteous practices are a necessary part of these activities. This most effectively occurs when it is the Scout lead Unit that provides the instruction.  While the emphasis is on backpacking, it is generally applicable to all types of outdoor activity. A syllabus that covers the materials discussed will be given to each participant. 
Hike Aid 3, “Full Dimension High Adventure Training”, has a complete discussion of the training programs of the GLAAC-HAT. It may be downloaded from the Council High Adventure website at http://glaachat.org/HikeAids.html. Questions about any of them are to be directed to Michael Schlaifer; Vice ChairTraining:(213)247-8808 (C); e-mail, michael@schlaifer.com.

Questions about this training should be directed to

Steve Dodson Cell: (818) 967-1323 email: sedodson1@roadrunner.com

Questions about any of them are to be directed to

Craig Triance, Course Director, at (714) 474-1652; e-mail, craigtriance@yahoo.com


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$15.00 per Adult
$15.00 per Scout
$15.00 per Venturer
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CANCELLATION POLICY: Up until 30 days prior to camp/event: *cancellation fee of 25% of total reservation cost for each spot dropped *after that, no refunds will be provided *balance in full due